Licensing Exam Prep Course Module

A sample module from a large-scale licensing exam preparation course

Project: Licensing Exam Prep Course for Respiratory Therapists
Client: The Respiratory Tutor
Tools used: Articulate Rise 360, Canva

Context: The project linked above is one module in an exam prep course for recent graduates of associate’s level programs in a specific medical field, respiratory therapy, who need to prepare for and pass their licensing exam. The learners we are targeting for this course are predominantly millennials in their mid-20s, about 2/3s are female, and most are mid-range performers in terms of their academics (B-C students).

Through empathy interviews, we learned that nearly all of our prospective learners desire an option for technical content review in a digital, mobile-friendly format, that provides review for both the licensing exam and practical, on-the-job applications.

I developed this module using Rise 360, with custom graphics created in Canva. Each lesson is intentionally short, targeting the key information for this narrowly defined audience, and includes multiple instances where the learner must pull content and scenarios with practical applications.

Result: This module, one of over 100 developed for this client, consists of 6 lessons that can be completed on a mobile device – an introductory lesson on the main blood test, 4 lessons about the key values and implications for practice, and a quiz with customized feedback on each question.