Software Training: Jobscan

An eLearning course developed in Storyline that provides training on using Jobscan to optimize your resume

Project: Resume Optimization with Jobscan
Tools used: Articulate Storyline 360, Audacity, Canva

Context: This project was developed to demonstrate my skills in both instructional design and in eLearning development when it comes to designing effective training for software.

In this course, I distilled nuanced procedures of optimizing one’s resume with Jobscan into manageable chunks for maximum learner retention. And I purposely sequenced instruction and practice activities, to support learner engagement with a novel, cloud based software application. In addition to highlighting my instructional design skills, this sample features my eLearning development skills through Storyline 360, my audio editing abilities with Audacity, and my graphic design skills, in my use of the visual design tools available through Canva.

Additionally, to support the intended skill transfer of each learner being able to use the skills and steps taught in the course, I created a suite of job aides – an infographic about the key features of Jobscan, a checklist of using Jobscan effectively, and a worksheet for revising your resume based on results from a resume scan conducted in Jobscan.

Result: This course provides the learner will all of the tools and resources needed to effectively optimize their resume for any applicant tracking system and to increase the likelihood that their application will result in an interview offer.