Training Video for Staffing Sales Professionals

A video lesson within an Articulate eLearning course.

Tools: Vyond

Time in development: 1 hr

Background: For this project, I created an animated video using Vyond, a cloud-based creation platform, to illustrate and support the audio provided by the client.

This video was designed to be used within an elearning course developed to increase the use of effective practices by staffing sales professionals. The audio and color palette were preset, so my task was to create the most effective visual support for the message of this lesson.

I was not the only member of the development team for this project, so my objective was to create a presentation that both supported the audio and message of the author and upheld the design standards established for the entire course, to seamlessly integrate this video into the larger lesson.

Solutions: Using a style guide, I found a balance between my vision for an expressive, visual support for the content of the audio and the importance of unity between my project and that of my colleagues’. Using the many tools available through Vyond, I visually communicated the key points of the provided audio.

Results: The final product I created is a harmonious addition to the entire course, as it upholds the style guide, and it provides effective visual support for the key sales concepts being explained in the audio.

Training Video for Staffing Sales Professionals